UAE Entry Visa

UAE Entry Visa

Visa processing rules by Alpha Tours LLC
UAE Entry Visa
Visa processing is charged at USD 85.00 per application bases

Documents required are

  • Colored clear scan of the passport (JPEG format with file size maximum 40 KB)
  • Colored clear scan of passport sized photograph of the applicant (JPEG format with file size maximum 40 KB)
  • Estimated processing time for visa is about 2 – 5 working days

Points to note :

  • Incase if an application is rejected, there will be two charges involved – 1. Withdrawing the application from immigration system which will be charged at USD 47.00 and reapplying which will again be charged at USD 85.00
  • Along with the requested scans we will also require filled out visa application form for each application – sample form is attached with the email for your review.

Note for Minor guests :

  • All students should individually have an official request letter from the school clearly indicating the name of the student (and passport number)
  • It should have the purpose and duration of visit
  • Guardian or teacher’s name and passport details mentioned.
  • Clear scan of each letter which my visa department will then forward to the immigration department for approval and an eventual processing of visa (should all requested details be in line)

Please note that above mentioned points are mere formalities that we as a destination management company are requested to fulfill, approval or rejection of visa application remains solely at the discretion of the official governing body.

U.A.E. VISA rules for all the nationalities which need visa to enter U.A.E


UAE visa procedures

  • Minimum time required for processing UAE visa is 2 to 5 working days (During Friday & Saturday and public holidays in U. A. E. the immigration is closed).
  • Normal Tourist Visa is used for one single entry.
  • The validity of U.A.E. visa is within 60 days from the date of issue.
  • Immigration Authority has the right to refuse U.A.E. visa without disclosing any reason.
  • The duration of stay in U.A.E. is maximum 30 days (the date of enter and exit the country are included).
  • The permit visa becomes invalid if any alteration of details occurs.
  • Once visa is applied cannot be withdrawn, the fee is not refundable.
  • Tour operator is responsible for submitting correct and true details in the visa application form.
  • Please, advise all passengers to travel on the same passport, as per passport details submitted for processing visa.
  • If the agent cancels the hotel reservation after issuing the visa, Alpha Tours has the right to cancel the visas.
  • Alpha Tours will not apply the U.A.E. visa for any guest without hotel booking confirmation.
  • In case wrong passport details received, visa correction is charged as an additional visa fee.
  • Tour Operator must provide requested passport documents of the passengers, in case of overstay, (passport copy with exit stamp of U.A.E. and the flight details which the guest used to travel out of the country the immigration is required to clear the name form their overstay system).
  • Attached files must be named by the given name & family name of the guest.
  • Photograph should be mandatory for applying the tourist visas. Photograph should be in color and clear.
    Specification of the personal picture as :
    • Dimension: 4.3 cm x 5.5 cm.
    • File Size: 38 KB Maximum/ less than 40 KB.
    • File Type: jpg only
    • Scanned colored and clear passport copy should Maximum 40 KB.
    • Out of these specification will not be accepted and the visa application will not be submitted.
  • Passport copy attachment will be mandatory for type of visas. It should be colored and named with the full Name.
Please note that as per the new regulations of the immigration any visa which is applied and due to the below reason visa must be cancelled from the system. So cancellation charges will apply to the guest
  • Rejected.
  • Time of process (If any valid visa by other company).
  • Any visa will be applied and the guest will be still inside the country his application will be rejected
  • Duplicate application (visa applied twice).

Visa processing for Minors

The needed documents will be only for the children up to 18 .Y.O and not 21 .Y.O for the nationalities which they will have the visas upon arrival.
The below are the documents required for children up to 18 Y.O. if they are traveling :
  • With two parents :

    • He / she (children) need Original birth certificate and translated official to English with stamp to be provided upon arrival to customs.
  • With a single parent (if one parent they have different names) :

    • If one of the parent have different family name He / She (children) needs Original birth certificate and translated official to English with stamp to be provided upon arrival to customs.
    • If He / She (children) travelling with mother only (even the mother with same surname) they need no objection letter official translated to English from the father to provide it upon arrival to the customs + the Original birth certificate and translated official to English with stamp.
  • Without parents, accompanied by relatives or a nanny :

    • If He / She will be travelling with relatives or a nanny they need no objection letter from parents English official translated with stamp + birth certificate official English translated with stamp to provide it upon arrival to the customs.

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